The SA Digital Customer Experience Report found that 73% of South Africans are most likely to use old-school email when they need to contact a business for help, rather than opting for social media, websites or the telephone.

What Outlook data says about leadership

Microsoft analysed email and calendar metadata to determine what makes great leaders. The results – which may surprise some – came down to these three points:

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Long hours are a sign of a bad leader;

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One-on-one meetings are key to becoming a great leader;

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Wide networks beat deep ones.

SIX 2×4 studded LEGO bricks can be combined in nearly 915 000 000 ways.

US-based businesses that are at least 51% owned, operated or controlled by women have grown more than most other US firms over the past decade in these three areas: number of companies, employment and revenue. 

~Verbatim, Harvard Business Review 

10% of the world’s billionaires are in tech

According to the latest Forbes publication, there are 214 technology billionaires in the world – 10% of all billionaires worldwide. In 2019, 34% of all newcomers added to this list, which includes the co-founders of Spotify and Avast, had accumulated their wealth from the tech industry.

Since 1957, more than 5,250 rocket launches have led to more than 23,000 tracked objects in orbit around Earth. Only about 1,200 are working satellites – the rest are debris.

A view on Windows 10 updates

Clicking ‘Check for updates’ in Windows 10 automatically opts you in to testing new Windows features on a one-time basis, which explains some of the problems you may experience after manually updating your Windows operating system.

19.5 million South African adults (51% of all adults over 15) have a smartphone. The Apple iPhone comes in at only 3% of smartphone users.

Young phone users are five times more likely than older people to lose their temper because of slow download speeds, a survey of UK smartphone users has shown. Labelled ‘load rage’, it is the biggest frustration cited in the lives of young people.

Erp tools becoming more accessible

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) tools streamline mission-critical business processes. Due to affordability and complexity reasons, the ERP market has been restricted to large corporates and multinationals – until now. ERP solutions such as Oracle’s NetSuite are easily accessible and affordable to organisations of all sizes. Cloud-based systems also offer the advantages of quick implementations, subscription-based costing and having access to data on any device, at any time.

decreasing costs in RENEWABLE ENERGY

According to Bloomberg, since 2010 the cost of wind power globally has dropped by 49%, and solar by 85%. Battery storage costs fell by 85% in the same period. By 2050, coal is expected to account for only 12% of global power generation (37% today), and solar and wind for 50%.