Macro trends

Macro Trends

Fourth Quarter 2018

  • Outlook for 2019
  • Digital Debt
  • Augmenting business through augmented reality
  • Is IoT the right fit for your business?

3rd  Quarter 2018

  • The winds of populism 
  • Grow your business by investing in UI/UX design
  • What will the machines learn?
  • How the cloud enables flexible, efficient organisations

1st Quarter 2018

  • The Ramaphosa impetus




Fourth Quarter 2017.pdf

  • Economic Review

3rd Quarter 2017.pdf

  • The silent evacuation – the rise of e-commerce
  • Technology pointers

2nd Quarter 2017.pdf

  • Best of times: The ascend in living standards 
  • Technology pointers

1ts Quarter 2017.pdf

  • Three socio-economic trends reshaping our world  
  • Technology Pointers

Third Quarter 2016.pdf

  • Overview of economic activity
  • SA business indicators

Fourth Quarter 2016.pdf

  • Overview of economic activity
  • South Africa’s latest competitiveness rating
  • Snippets from the world of technology